IOU Reciprocal Handoff Network (IRHN)

IRHN is an Idea.
Ideas never die and never can be suppressed forever.
No one can stop an idea who's time has come.
What if we could leverage the simple humble IOU into an absolute revolution in how we trade the fruits of our labor?  What if we could leverage the 'six degrees of separation' into creating the worlds first fully decentralized moneyless payment network?
Are you ready to start truly IRHNing an existence of freedom and empowerment?  So am I.
Money didn't always exist.  Money was a stop gap.  Money was created so we could trade with people we didn't trust.  Money is obsolete.
With the rise in the internet and other forms of long distance communication we humans are connected in a way we never have been before.  We no longer have to do business with people we don't trust.  By leveraging our communication we can trade with anyone on earth through people we all trust.  How can this be?  
We are all connected through 6 people.  I could pick a random name from th…